BONUS: Drácula Reloaded & Regreso al templo del sol de Marco Pando, acceso válido hasta el 23 de enero 2021.

El reconocido cineasta Marco Pando nos da acceso a dos de sus películas, hasta el 23 de enero.

El cortometraje:

Dracula Reloaded (2020)


In reference to the aesthetics of Jean Rouch’s and Ben Russells films, ‘Dracula Reloaded’ is an ethnographic and hallucinatory cinema.
The project combines two Latin-American music and dance styles that have close historical colonial contexts. The carnival music from Cajamarca has Spanish influences and the community of Saamakas are descendants of African slaves living with their ancestral traditions in the former Dutch colony Suriname.
In the video Dracula walks into a Saamakan village, and the dancers and singers are starting to play carnival music from Cajamarca . Dracula sings a song. Gradually the music changes, mixing the villagers' drums with the carnival. The sound
grows stronger and wilder, creating a new music rhythm. At the end the dancers walk into a mining area inside the Jungle.


Regreso al templo del sol (2014) 

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