MARX IS BACK (a play on history)

AstaroTheatro presents a monologue by Howard Zinn adapted and performed by Roberto Bacchilega
Wednesday 9th September, 20:30
4bid GALLERY @ OT301 (ground floor)
Overtoom 301 Amsterdam Tel: 06 17959976 

Sunday 13th September, 16:30
DE VONDELBUNKER. VondelPark Amsterdam
De Vondelbunker entrance is located at the furthest right entrance of the bridge

Karl Marx has had enough of seeing his revolution taken over by opportunists organizing each time a new priesthood and a new hierarchy, with excommunications and indexes, with inquisitions and firing squads. He is disgusted by media declaring him dead again and again. Karl Marx is back to remind us that his ideas are more alive than ever. He revisits memories of his courageous life and revolutionary theories. We learn about his family, his struggles and the boils on his arse.
Lighting & Sound: Massimiliano Pipolo.AGENDA CULTURAL. CíRCULO D.M.