ruud's art installation at rotterdam

(listos para el tono)
Coming 1st of November, at Rotterdam, you are invited to join for the traditional mexican celebration "noche de los muertos" (Allerzielen), featuring a graphic art installation by Ruud, called "Posada is Watching you". It is a hommage to José Guadalupe Posada, the famous Mexican engraver, blended with the commemoration of 25 years after 1984 (Orwell's novel). The installation will be shown in Theater Podium 905 in Rotterdam, as part of a concert programme with the well-known Mexican guitar player Raúl Zambrano. He will bring the
Fandango de los muertos, with traditional music around the poetry of Federico García Lorca, José Martí, José Gorostiza and Andrés Henestrosa.

"La noche de los muertos" will take place on Sunday Novermber 1st, from 15 - 18h at Podium 905, Oostmaaslaan 950, 3063 DM Rotterdam. Free entry.AGENDA CULTURAL. CíRCULO D. M.