dominicanish (fragmento)

Every sin’ is vegetable
vegetable vegetable
Refrigerator refrigerator fridge
Comfortable comfortable comfortable
Wednesday sursdei zerdeis
Once in a while everi sin’
Son sin’ something sin'....
...I thought that I will never learn English
No way I will not put my mouth like that
No way jamás ni never no way
Gosh to pronounce one little phrase one must
Become another person with the mouth all twisted
Yo no voy a poner la boca así como un guante
Don’t get me wrong yo se un chin yo me sé
Girl loves you Me Tarzan you Jane you me
Mine love you do does and doesn’t been
Very very very good to me mine myself
An’ da’ si
Pero I U you
Me da vergüenza poner la boca así
La lista crece La lista creció
Presente y pasado simple
The lists are growing. The listssssssss

©Josefina Baez (La Romana, Republica Dominicana/New York), actriz, escritora, directora de teatro. Crea Ay Ombe Theatre (abril 1986); y desarrolla su metodologia Performance Autology (autologia del Performance) -metodologia de entrenamiento para artistas, donde la autobiografia es base principal).CíRCULO D. M.