teatro la madrugada

Regula contra Regulam

Open Work Session
in the forest base of Brzezinka
for actors and directors

3rd to 10th April

Research Programme on Performing Arts
conducted by
Teatro La Madrugada
(Milan, Italy)

Information and enrolment:
Roberta Secchi
la madrugada
ph. 00 39 02 541 020 94

Regula contra Regulam
evokes the relationship
between training and actor’s dramaturgy, between discipline and creativity,
between the need of rules
and the need to break them

Raúl Iaiza (Argentina/Italy)
Roberta Secchi (Italy)
Dawid Zakowski (Poland)
Members of the Research Programme
Regula contra Regulam

Detailed information:
Roberta Secchi
ph. 00 39 02 54102094,
la madrugada