It’s about time that I, as inventor of this blog, give some explanation about its use, the content and the reason of this blog of círculo d magazine (better known as círculo dilecto). You can use both names when you make a connection to our blog.
I don’t know exactly how the idea was born, but a while ago a Dutch friend of mine, who is a bit of a nerd, was building his own blog. He found out everything about making a blog and made up everything. He used the blog to share his bizarre lifestyle, which is mostly as crazy as himself, with others.

For a year I was the manager of a website of my former club but after some hesitation I started to find out how a blog works. To my surprise it was free of charge, which made it attractive to try it. Now it has become what it is whiteout spending any money. That is one of the good things. It doesn’t cost anything and you can spend a whole evening putting new entradas on your blog.

I deliberately created the names of the labels to attract the attention of the blogonautas and to force them to open the labels and see what’s inside them. This was successful for some of the labels. I started with programa radial to provide information about the contents of the radio program. With the link underneath the program you can listen to the relative radio show upto three months after it was broadcasted. SALTO planned it that way.
Librorum novo is a label where new books are presented. It doesn’t matter where the books are published. We prefer unknown authors who are not widely read, but I am aware that this is not always possible. So sometimes I’m obliged to present new books of famous authors. I attempt to translate fragments and some personal history of the Dutch authors into Spanish. This way I attempt to inform my blogonautasabout Dutch authors.
Agenda Cultural is a diary for the coming weeks and sometimes months. I try to impose some censorship because there’s a lot going on in the Latino circuit in Holland and especially in Amsterdam. The information is mostly in Spanish but now and again also in Dutch. I do this to improve integration and to enable people to practice and improve their Dutch. Sometimes, like now, the information is in English. The reason is that this language should be spoken by everyone, except me.
Cámara frigorífica is a label behind which you can find videos, interviews, music videos, poetry, and etcetera.
Pieza rara is to show silly things, sculptures, pictures, etcetera, which have something to say preferably without any explanation.
Sin vértebras is my favourite. I try to spread poetry and prose of different authors. I also try to pick out some of the stuff I, or one of my alter-ego’s write.
Perfiles is Gloria Rodríguez Pinar’s department. She approaches current events in a way only Gloria can. I would say, listen to her!
The same goes for rúbrica intercultural minimalista where Martha Manarini treats us to her own poetry and poetry of authors she finds interesting, often rioplatenses.
Cavilaciones is an attempt to approach life from the male perspective, to share experiences and to discuss topics that seem taboo. You can think about the guata, aging, life after forty, etcetera.
Cinema paradiso, reviews of movies, some are written by Giovanna García Malagon and others by Alejandra Nettel.
Biblioteca hermética is a section where, by asking set questions, the blogonauta can get an image of what books our people read.
Culantro, which is about recipes. Preferably recipes that are from the own kitchen and that are easy to follow so everybody is able to make them.
Imágenes photos of preferably people or objects, in the wide sense of the word.
Al fondo hay sitio. I just invented this label because there are some subjects that can’t really be placed with any of the other labels. Everything that can’t be placed will fall under this label.

It’s important to tell you that the doors of CDR are always open and everybody is welcome to participate in every section. In Spanish (preferably), but of course also in Dutch, English and why not in Italian or Portuguese.

Finally you can look at círculo d. m.  per section or per month in the archive.

Hopefully this information is interesting for the blogonauta, will it give you more options and will it help to understand my intentions when I started this blog.

Yours sincerely,

Rómulo Meléndez