Inner peace is only reached when we accept our life as it is; when we have forgiven ourselves and others, no matter what we/they have done. It is a difficult task and in my experience it is not possible to do it in one go. It is a process that begins with the willing to change, to live better, to be happier, to leave out what stays on the way, the baggage that we carry from the past.

How can dance can help us setting some steps toward reconciliation and inner peace?

My plan next Monday is to dance in the light of compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. That is the only path that I know can bring us to forgiving and reconciliation.

Through dancing we tap into a blissful state of openness and non judgement. We connect with our higher selves where our wisdom resides.

Want to give it a try? Join us. At Dancepiritual, we have a lot fun. And joy is not only contagious but healing!

Looking forward welcoming you all as usual!

Studio Solebay
Livornostraat 22hs.
Amsterdam West, Bos en Lommer
Seven minutes with the bike from the Westergasfabriek 

Every Monday 8-9.30 pm. But please be 10 min before we actually start! 

Contribution: 7,50 euro and first timers 5 euro.
Strippenkart for 5x : 35 euro valid for 2 months.

No age limit. No previous dancing experience required. No choreographies

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