LECTURE: Time doesn’t pass, we pass


In commemoration of the centennial of the birth of Mexican writer Octavio Paz’s, the Embassy of Mexico and the Meermanno Museum in The Hague are pleased to invite you and your guest to the lecture “Time doesn’t pass, we pass” by Prof. Robert Lemm.

Professor Robert Lemm is a Dutch writer author of several books and translator of Spanish and Latin american authors including Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, Pablo Neruda, I confess I have lived, Jose Donoso, Obscene night bird, and Alejo Carpentier, Concierto BarrocoHe has also translated literary work of Jorge Luis Borges, fray Luis de Leon, San Juan de la Cruz, Miguel de Unamuno, Juan Donoso Cortes, Joseph de Maistre, Leon Bloy, Leopoldo Marechal, Giovanni Papini and Rene Girard.

The Meermanno Museum will welcome you at 17:30 hrs. for a private visit to the Museum’s venue and the vast collection of books. Lecture starts at 18:00 hrs. AGENDA CULTURAL. CíRCULO D.M.